Fruitless Crop Songtext
von AYS

Fruitless Crop Songtext

Our weary paces seem to be so self destructive
Down this endless hall, crammed with forced ideas
Countless young deadpen faces with a ruptured will
Taught by their dripping wet books full of lies

You want to teach me about this life?
Look in my wistful eyes and tell me
That i'm just another fruitless crop

With disdainful signs and your iron defaults
You prayed us a pale sunrise
We were chased like a pack of rats
And for you, for you it never does matter

How hard
How goddamn hard
How hard we tried

The letters you burned into our soul
Were the literal annihilation
With a voluptuous smile you tried to convine us
Of the wrong roads to wrecking edge of life

With nothing in our dirty hand we are never gonna stop
To sock this circle
To fucking countless pieces

Wayward souls spread out
Into the night
Wayward souls into the night
Into, into the night

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