Deeper Down Songtext
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Deeper Down Songtext

Throw up
I need my medicine, God
Where have I been

The doorbell
I can tell
That sound from miles away

She calls me
Reminding me
It′s time to shine

I'm deeper down
Deeper down the scar
I′m closer now
Closer to the stars

The night is gone, the day has come
No more rats, they've fled the sun
Rest your breath, reload your gun
Tonight we'll go again
Dawn has reached the battefield
The war is lost lay down your shield
Rest your breath and fill your glas
Tonight we′ll go again

Get up
We′ll rule the mountaintops, Suck
Too late to stop
No memory of yesterday
Prepare the night's return
I′m here for you
We'll get you
I′ll make you burn

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