Takeover Songtext
von Atom Tha Immortal

Takeover Songtext

I touch a Valkyrie for action/
My Style is off the balcony/
Like the progeny of Michael Jackson/
.Verbally assassinating with vocal reactions/
And the contraption/
I'm trapped in/
Is called Rapping/
Hip-hop machine/
Designed by Elohim/
To destroy B-boy decoys and void your dreams/
It ain't happening/
Trying to raise the bar of a def MC/
So your kids can try to be like me/
It ain't the fame that I flow for/
The fortune I adore/
It's the Lord/
For whom I'm spitting vocal swords/
Through my, vocal cords/
.Ignoring the cries of the Flesh/
When I rock Ruach Ha'Kodesh/
Satan trying to pit my physical frame in a test/
But what the Devil meant for misery's making me blessed/
Trapped in the valley of the spiritual death/
I'm looking to the G-d written in the Masoretic Text/

Get up, get get get get down/
Atom tha Immortal's about to take over your town/
Get up, get get get get down/
Feeling the rhyme, and I know you're feeling the sound.

My style like a fetus/
When I unleash this/
Auditory telekinesis/
My energy, but as my strength increases/
I leave this/
.Eviscerated mic in pieces/
.Attacking your pagan thesis/
More ancient than Ancient Greece is/
More catastrophic than the plot to kill Jesus/
.Washing my holy hands, in the blood of the Lamb that frees us/
.Shield of Abraham repping/
Consecrated thought/
Brought in the Jewish mysteries like 10 sefirot/
Hasmonean style/
It had to be/
Atom tha Immortal's family will leave you hammered like the Maccabees/ you Wack MCs/
You need to quit, before it's too late/
Come on, I've heard a better rhyme on cassette tape/
I can't wait for the date/
For Secta 7 to rise/
Just to glorify G-d in the secular world's eyes/

We catapult to the forefront/
And shatter you like L.A. rioter to a Korean storefront/
It's been four months/
Since I had banged a track/
So now I'm hitting with another preliminary attack/
Military tactician delivering lyrics/
With an unbelievable flow/
Don't act like y'all know/
Cause I'm not Egyptian, but I'm repping the Chi-rho/
Written in Greek, the first two letter of "Christos"/

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