Black Adder Songtext
von Astralion

Black Adder Songtext

He's poisoning you, poisoning me
Making it hard to see clearly

It's hard to get through
Oh can't you see
Your man is tortured severely

Can't get away, can't stay around
Everything's falling to pieces

Can't make you stay, can't make a sound
I try and my poor heart freezes

Your eyes reflecting paradise
Willingly you'll give the sacrifice

The angel and the serpent
He's aiming for his prey
You know he'll bite her

The devil's loyal servant
He will snatch her soul away
The black adder

The playground is new
The game is the same
But some of the players are missing

Caressed by the night
You hear your name
From the venomous mouth you were kissing

All that I lost, all that I failed
In one night will haunt me forever

Counting the cost of all that I payed
For us to be together

My eyes are bleeding misery
My soul will linger on in agony

The angel and the serpent...

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