Many Lives Songtext
von Andrew Belle

Many Lives Songtext

I'm just getting over this
My fingers are arguing over which
One of them gets to climb down your wrist
duce themselves to yours first
I try to make sense of this
'Cause my lips are starting to make a list
Of all of the things that they seem to have missed
Before the day that they met yours

Oh, but how many lives have we
How many lives have we
How many lives have we led?

You're just getting over him
Your eyes are shining
But, oh, so dim
I heard he tore you apart limb from limb
You promise it wasn't the worst

And I hope there's enough for you
'Cause my love is bleeding and slightly bruised
You be the page and then I'll be the glue
Come here, I'll show you it hurts

Forget all the times that you sat felt sorry for yourself
'Cause that's done
I hope that you're falling for me and not just for my wealth
'Cause there's none
My heart's speeding up so I think that we should take it slow
Oh, no, I
Think we should try to see just how far this thing can go
Oh, oh

I'm just getting over her
It's funny, 'cause I thought I was so sure
You be the patient and I'll be the cure
Ain't that just the way that it goes

Oh, but, how many lives have we
How many lives have we
How many lives have we led?

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