Harvest Songtext
von Andreas Vollenweider

Harvest Songtext

T deliverThe children bear the tracesOf a thousand years of fears Even true love?
True loveBreathles fire onto mirrorsFind me at the gates of wisdomQuestions falling, falling on deaf ears So I set my ship out on the watersTrying to reach faith?
S holy mountBut the dove I send aheadReturns with just a hungry seed of doubt This is the harvest if the worldThis is the garden of our works Winding through the alleywaysIn the hour of the wolfTurn me out on the edge of townIn a field of solid earth I can?
T resist the impulseTo sow some wild kind of seedAnd reap the ripened fruitOf all I?
Ve grown upon the vines of every deed This is the harvest if the worldThis is the garden of our works Seeds of doubt grows, vines of judgementvines of judgement, thorns of blame Seeds of beauty, fields of wonderSeeds of anger, blades of shame Seeds of knowledge, trees of wisdomTrees od wisdom, fruits of grace Seeds of tears, vines of forgivenessSees of sorrow bring the wild flowers of faith Seeds of truthfulnessGrow the tangled roots of feeling Seeds of joy, the vines of laughterFruits of laughter finally bring the wine of healing

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