Sun of Man Songtext
von And the Hero Fails

Sun of Man Songtext

Repeating history a redundant paradigm

Sides send their pawns
The early morning movement
The final stand
Sending up the sun of man

Sides send their children
Sides pulling men from their houses
Men from their lands

This story is told a million times by the light of this T.V. screen
One shot will trump the rest one makes the rest unseen
My only battle my only cause
To keep your from their clutches
To keep you from their pawns

The race to beat the trail of the low hung stars
Careening towards our feet make the earth shake hard

Run but stay away from the hills
Thats where they all will come
Gather what we can were leaving by the dark of night
Quiet among the fire
Quiet beneath the fight

Duck behind me, run
Hold your head down, run

Well hide among the rich who have the answers
Leaving all the poor whove turned to ashes
Morals we must disguise

Ferried on the backs of those who burn beneath us

Material world will finally save us
Carry all of us up through the heavens
Morals they have no price

Buried in, down beneath, hide your eyes, from the rich

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