Again Songtext
von Alice in Chains

Again Songtext

Hey, let them do it again, yeah
Hey, you said you were my friend
Hey, turn me upside down, oh
Hey, feelin′ so down
Hey, hey... hey... hey...
You made a fool of me again
Again hey, i know i made the same mistake, yeah
I, i won't do it again, no
Why, why you slap me in the face, oww
I, i didn′t say it was ok, no
No, no...
You violate a part of me again
Again ah, ooo
Doot doot, yeah hey, you had time to think it out, yeah
Hey, your weak will won't help her heal her heart
Hey, i'll bet it really eats you up
Extending part of me again
Again ooo
Doot doot, yeah

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