Ghosts Songtext
von Albert Bouchard

Ghosts Songtext

JFK wants passion and a flame that'll never cease
Janis is just looking for some sweet release.
We're all restless wanderers until we sleep
In the arms of love profound and ocean deep

Anne Boleyn searches for her pearly "B"
And Henry the king he'll never be.
Marilyn wonders why she sleeps alone
James Dean sulks in heaven like he did at home

Every ghost wants something unfulfilled,
Every ghost a shadow, a shadow looking still
But I have love & happiness today
Love keeps me breathing
I think I'll stay

Ghosts who never get everything they need
Aren't ever happy even when they're freed
From mortal coils that tie them to lost love
For hungry lovers enough is not enough

Andy wants his paintbrush and his muse
Edie wants a mirror to abuse
J. Edgar wants his mommy and mommy bids her son
Keep your secrets hidden 'til you're done

Curled around each other, my love in my arms
All night long to keep her safe from harm
Ghosts around our bed, go away
All I ever wanted I have today

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