Sing 'Til The End Songtext
von Abraskadabra

Sing 'Til The End Songtext

We've been together on the run
So many things we left behind
Time tried to drive us all apart
And even though we're here again
Past things doesn't matter for us now
Our minds are many miles away
We'll raise our hands into the sky
And we sing together 'till the end

Always take for granted what you have, and I don't understand
I can see there's more in life than this when I think about them
Your effort is centralized and time won't wait for you to comprehend
If this is what you want then don't call me your friend

You spend so much time on making plans and trying to read hands
But who will you count on if we ever fall apart
That's why I'll never stop,
Never drop my weapons when it comes to stand for you
Every single moment we'll share like we'll die today

We sing together 'till the end

We have something true and it won't fade away
'Till the end of the days we'll
Remember this and see how far we came, everyday
Motivation and dedication!
I'm gonna be there for you all
Just hoping for something better
We gotta sing from our heart

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