Slow Buchla Sunshine (Spoken Word with Hanan Alshehri) Songtext
von Above & Beyond

Slow Buchla Sunshine (Spoken Word with Hanan Alshehri) Songtext

When you take this time to connect
To what is deeper than any wrong,
Any secret, any grief, that connection
Will enhance your immunity.

And time in this connection helps
You recreate of your body a cohesive,
Coherent community.

And when you manage to string a few
Of these moments together,
You can sense in your being a distinct,
Wordless relief.

That's the welcoming of a new
Perspective. That's the heart's
Nourishment; cleansing, protective.

And this listening and breathing is a
Form of stabilizing. It's an invitation to
Go inside, to see everything,
And slowly, quietly transform what is
Heavy into more grounding,
And change what is dark into a
Profound and lasting teaching.

All that's required in these few
Minutes of time is a willingness to
Find more space in your mind,
And when you're ready, to diligently
And generously share these
Rays of clarity.
Silently. Wordlessly.
Subtly. Swiftly.

Breathe with me.

Every time we remember ourselves,
We pierce eternity. Every time we slow
Our minds, we find more kindness,
More efficiency, more
Invaluable certainty.

Every time you breathe your mind
Quiet, you become more free.
Every moment you touch that place
Of stillness within you,
You become peace.

So welcome home.
Welcome home to the knowing
With which you were born.
The knowing that's slowly been
Covered over like moss covers stones;
So that every single time you felt
Uncontrollably alone,
Every single time you felt unprotected,
Any moment someone seemed
To render you helpless.

This one deep breath is
How you soften.
This is how you let the light back in.

And when you consider what's
Holding you back right now,
What's been taking up far too much
Space, too much capable
Mental real estate, remember,
Our work is to address it, to allow
Ourselves this time to relate to it.

And take a second to consider what's
Gripping you at this time.

Let that trouble take gentle
Shape in your mind,
So that we can speak to this
Forgetfulness, the ultimate illusion.
We make respectful contact with
All of our aversions. We see all
Confrontation through the lens
Of compassion.

Take. One. Deep. Breath.

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