Ancient Enemy of Death Songtext
von A Hill to Die Upon

Ancient Enemy of Death Songtext

The dance of the spheres, disturbs my song
And the rhythm of the waves, beats with the drums
In my wakefullness I see, the myth come to life
And from the vantage of my spire, I come

With horns I went, to the edge of the world.
And with wings I shall return.
For in the shadow and smoke I was veiled.
And of the blinding light, I am born again

Deep within the gathering of the seas.
The snake watches, with lidless eyes.
The Titan waits, for the woman.
And the woman waits, for the beast.

During that hour I saw, the lifting of a sleep.
For I saw Nehushtan, rise from his keep.
And though darkness still, lay upon the deep.
I heard the voices, of men give up and weep.

What wondrous love is This?
Oh my soul
Oh my soul
What wondrous love is this?
Oh my soul,
What wondrous love is this?
That caused the lord of bliss,
To bear the dreaful curse
For my soul

For my soul
To bear the dreaful curse,
For my soul

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von A Hill to Die Upon

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