Mutiny Songtext
von A Brand

Mutiny Songtext

After all this time
Dreams to pieces
With this ultra ultra ultra violence
Can somebody explain
Why the hell we got so mean
Why the hell we have to put the blame upon each other
Beats me

There's no lack of fate
I assure you x3

After all the trouble we've been through
Girl you no as well what we're headin' to
And we never meant to do you no harm
Well who needs opinions?
I got one, you got one, everybody's got one
And we never meant to do any harm


After all this time dreams to pieces, you've got to release it emotional mutiny
After all this time trying to make up we're heading for a brake up emotional mutiny

People x2 do change x2 over night x2 and you and I x2 are 2 of a kind x2
While we never meant to do any harm


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