Atomic Chapel Songtext
von 1349

Atomic Chapel Songtext

"The ancient whispered secrets
Massed into nuclear skies
Seek the unholy, in the darkest of places
Cryptic equations light the madness in or eyes"

Unholy radiance - Nuclear Necropolis
Pariah Leper-cult - In atomic bliss

Black towers rising
Under a skeleton scythe

Thermo-cardinal hexe
Sworn by phantom quires

Radiation witch fire - Spreads like cyclonic whips
Genocide war cult - Convoking the merciless blitz

Dark prayers recited
Drifting through acid winds
In endless repetition
Like an everlasting paramount sin

Unholy prophecies - Apocalyptic radiance
Death-weaving carrion cult - Thermonuclear contempt

Skeletal towers rising
Through ammoniac storms
Towards a rusted altar
The congregation worms

Spiritual parasite - Atomic high-priest
Suicidal death-cult - Holocaustic feast
Omega necro-messiah
The ancients whispered your name
Merciless soul-corruptor
The wrath of old poisons will reign

Atomic Chapel - Haereticus, amen fiat voluntas tua
Atomic Chapel - in nomine mori
Atomic Chapel - Revoco minaciae ultimum
Atomic Chapel - Lex Diaboli

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