Winston K. Songtexte

Fancy Dog Poems

  1. Midnight City (acoustic)
  2. Save It for Later (Sooner or Later) (acoustic)
  3. Tennis Court (acoustic)
  4. Where Is My Mind? (acoustic)
  5. The Kids Aren’t Alright (acoustic)
  6. On Melancholy Hill
  7. Shoplifters of the World (Unite and take Over) (acoustic)
  8. Red Barchetta (acoustic)
  9. The Love Club (acoustic)
  10. Our House in the Middle of Our Street (acoustic)
  11. Oh Well, OK (acoustic)
  12. Head Over Heels (acoustic)
  13. Blister in the Sun / Psycho Killer (acoustic)
  14. Mayonaise (Cool Enough to Almost Be It) (acoustic)
  15. Step to My Girl (acoustic)
  16. Girlfriend in a Coma (acoustic)
  17. Games Without Frontiers (acoustic)
  18. Aircrash (Lucky) (acoustic)
  19. All Tomorrow’s Parties (acoustic)
  20. Limelight (acoustic)
  21. Humans From Earth (acoustic)
  22. Help the Aged (acoustic)
  23. Surrender (acoustic)
  24. Why Can’t I Touch It? (acoustic)
  25. Side With the Seeds (acoustic)
  26. She Moves in Mysterious Ways (acoustic)
  27. All We Ever Wanted / Needle in the Hay (acoustic)
  28. Angeles (So Glad to Meet You)
  29. Chicago (You Came to Save Us) (acoustic)
  30. Ballerina Out of Control / Gypsy (acoustic)
  31. Blue Sky Mine (acoustic)
  32. Cinnamon Girl / Generals and Majors (acoustic)
  33. Walk Around in Circles (acoustic)
  34. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (acoustic)
  35. Don’t Go Down (acoustic)
  36. Elope With Me Miss Private (acoustic)
  37. Faithless the Wonder Boy (acoustic)
  38. Find Love (acoustic)
  39. For Absent Friends (acoustic)
  40. Frying Pan (acoustic)
  41. The Ghost in You (acoustic)
  42. Good (Living with You)
  43. Hey Jealousy (acoustic)
  44. Just What I Needed (acoustic)
  45. The World at Large / Float On (acoustic)
  46. The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (acoustic)
  47. The Last Dance (Save It for Me, Baby) (acoustic)
  48. Life on Mars? (acoustic)
  49. Lost in the Supermarket (acoustic)
  50. Love Is Stronger Than Death (acoustic)
  51. Love My Way (It’s a New Role) (acoustic)
  52. Maybe Sparrow (acoustic)
  53. Myth (acoustic)
  54. Land of Love (The Perfect Kiss) (acoustic)
  55. Planet Telex (acoustic)
  56. Question of Lust (acoustic)
  57. Radio, Radio (acoustic)
  58. Ready to Start (acoustic)
  59. Say It Ain’t So (acoustic)
  60. Season of the Shark (acoustic)
  61. So You Think You’re in Love (acoustic)
  62. Solsbury Hill (acoustic)
  63. This Is a Low (acoustic)
  64. True (This Much Is True)
  65. Where Do the Children Play (acoustic)
  66. I’m Wide Awake (acoustic)
  67. Angel Came Down From Heaven Yesterday (acoustic)
  68. Cosmic Dancer (acoustic)
  69. Jackass (acoustic)
  70. King of New Orleans (acoustic)
  71. Yoshime Battles the Pink Robots (acoustic)
  72. (Don’t You) Forget About Me


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