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  1. You've Been Wrong
  2. Trippin (That's the Way Love Works)
  3. Christmas in Jamaica
  4. In the Late of the Night/Toni's Secrets
  5. You're Makin Me High
  6. In the Late of Night / Toni's Secrets
  7. Un-Break My Heart [Album Version]
  8. You're Makin' Me High [Norfside Remix]
  9. How Many Ways [R. Kelly Remix]
  10. Un-Break My Heart [Spanish Version]
  11. Un-Break My Heart (Soul-Hex Anthem vocal)
  12. Un-Break My Heart (album instrumental)
  13. Please (instrumental)
  14. Call Out Hook
  15. Un-Break My Heart (Soul-Hex No Sleep Beats)
  16. How Could an Angel Break My Heart (remix instrumental)
  17. How Could an Angel Break My Heart (feat. Kenny G) (album instrumental)
  18. Heart Never Had a Hero
  19. Trippin' (That's the Way Love Works)
  20. Unbreak My Heart Deutsche Übersetzung von Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart
  21. Lookin' at Me
  22. Why Won't You Love Me
  23. How Many Ways (R Kelly remix extended No Talk)
  24. Tippin' (That's the Way Love Works)
  25. I Hate You
  26. Long Way Home
  27. I Belong to You (Soulpower mix W/O Rap)
  28. Un-Break My Heart (Soul Hex No Sleep Beats)
  29. Shending My Time With You
  30. Toni's Secrets
  31. Suddenly
  32. In the Late of the Night / Toni's Secrets
  33. I Don't Want To (Deep Jays Delight)
  34. Un-Break My Heart (a cappella)
  35. Please (call out hook)
  36. I Heart You Deutsche Übersetzung von Toni Braxton - I Heart You
  37. I Wish
  38. I'd Rather Be Broke
  39. Whathu Need (Previously Unreleased)
  40. You're Making Me Night
  41. The Little Things (Previously Unreleased)
  42. Un Break My Heart
  43. Spanish Gitar (bonus Track)
  44. Love Should a Brought You Home
  45. Un_break my heart
  46. I Don't Want To...
  47. Seveb whole days
  48. I Live Me Some Him
  49. Hit the freeway (Featuring loon)
  50. Spanish Gitar
  51. The Wave
  52. Whatchu Need (Previously Unreleased)
  53. I Belong to You (Soul Power mix W-O Rap)
  54. You’re Makin Me High (Classic dub)
  55. I Don’t Want To (disco radio)
  56. Another Sad Love Song (remix instrumental)
  57. Seven Whole Days (Ghetto Vibe)
  58. Maybe (Call Out Research Hook)
  59. Missin'
  60. My Heart
  61. Forgiven
  62. Stay
  63. Caught (Don't Take Your Head Off)
  64. I Like It Like That
  65. Shake and Move
  66. Get Loose
  67. Melt (Like an Iceberg)
  68. Places
  69. Happily Unhappy
  70. Dance (Dave Audé remix - extended)
  71. Dance (Dave Audé remix - extended instrumental)
  72. Nothin' (Bonus)
  73. Sweat
  74. Where Did We Go Wrong?
  75. You're Makin' Me High (Classic dub)
  76. I’d Rather Be Broke
  77. I`m Still Breathing
  78. I Don`t Want to
  79. You`re Making Me High
  80. He Wasn`t Man Enough
  81. Fare Tale
  82. Hit the Freeway (feat. Loon) - Radio Version with Rap
  83. Hit the Freeway (No rap)
  84. Data track
  85. I Belong to You (Soul Power mix w/o rap)
  86. You're Makin' Me High (Classic mix - Morales)
  87. Make My Heart (Quentin Harris Dub)
  88. Make My Heart (Quentin Harris Instrumental)
  89. Make My Heart (Quentin Harris Vocal)
  90. Caught (Don’t take Your Hat Off)
  91. Un-Break My Heart (Album Acapella)
  92. Un-Break My Heart (Album Acappella)
  93. Un-Break My Heart (House of Heart extended)
  94. Un-Break My Heart (House of Heart)
  95. Spanish Guitar (Royal G.'s Flamenco edit instrumental)
  96. Spanish Guitar (Royal G.'s Flamenco mix HPB)
  97. Spanish Guitar (Royal G.'s Flamenco edit w/o Leon 2nd Bridge)
  98. Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell radio TV Track)
  99. Spanish Guitar (Royal G.'s Flamenco instrumental)
  100. Spanish Guitar (Royal G.'s Flamenco edit HPB)
  101. Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell main mix a cappella)
  102. Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell Modulated dub)
  103. Spanish Guitar (a cappella)
  104. Spanish Guitar (Royal G.'s Flamenco mix w/o Leon 2nd Bridge)
  105. Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell main mix TV Track)
  106. Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell radio instrumental)
  107. Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell main mix instrumental)
  108. Spanish Guitar (Mousse T Gustino dub)
  109. I Don’t Want To (Deep Jays Delight)


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