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Tears of Fire: The 25th Anniversary Collection (Compilation)

  1. You Can Steal Me
  2. Apartment #9
  3. She Didn't Color Daddy
  4. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  5. Walk Through This World With Me
  6. My Elusive Dreams
  7. I Don't Wanna Play House
  8. Take Me to Your World
  9. D-I-V-O-R-C-E
  10. Sweet Dreams
  11. Lonely Street
  12. I Believe
  13. He
  14. Stand by Your Man Deutsche Übersetzung von Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man
  15. You'll Never Walk Alone Deutsche Übersetzung von Tammy Wynette - You'll Never Walk Alone
  16. How Great Thou Art
  17. Singing My Song
  18. Too Far Gone
  19. The Ways to Love a Man
  20. I'll See Him Through
  21. Kids (Say the Darndest Things)
  1. He Loves Me All the Way
  2. We Sure Can Love Each Other Deutsche Übersetzung von Tammy Wynette - We Sure Can Love Each Other
  3. The Deepening Snow
  4. Good Lovin' (Makes It Right)
  5. Bedtime Story
  6. 'Til I Get It Right
  7. My Man (Understands) Deutsche Übersetzung von Tammy Wynette - My Man (Understands)
  8. We're Gonna Hold On (von George Jones & Tammy Wynette)
  9. (We're Not) The Jet Set (von George Jones & Tammy Wynette)
  10. Another Lonely Song
  11. I Don't Think About Him No More
  12. No Charge (von Tammy Wynette feat. George Jones)
  13. Woman to Woman
  14. This Time I Almost Made It
  15. Near You (von George Jones & Tammy Wynette)
  16. I Still Believe in Fairy Tales
  17. 'Til I Can Make It on My Own
  18. Golden Ring (von George Jones & Tammy Wynette) Deutsche Übersetzung von George Jones & Tammy Wynette - Golden Ring
  19. Did You Ever (von Tammy Wynette feat. George Jones)
  20. You and Me
  21. Let's Get Together (One Last Time)
  22. One of a Kind
  23. Southern California (von Tammy Wynette feat. George Jones)
  24. Dear Daughters
  25. They Call It Making Love
  1. Two Story House (von George Jones & Tammy Wynette)
  2. Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight (Like They Used to)
  3. Crying in the Rain
  4. Another Chance
  5. You Still Get to Me in My Dreams
  6. Unwed Fathers
  7. (I'm Not) A Candle in the Wind
  8. Sometimes When We Touch (von Tammy Wynette with Mark Gray)
  9. Between Twenty Nine and Danger
  10. Alive and Well
  11. Talkin' to Myself Again
  12. I Wasn't Meant To Live My Life Alone
  13. Beneath A Painted Sky
  14. Your Love
  15. Higher Ground
  16. Liar's Roses
  17. We're Strangers Again (von Randy Travis feat. Tammy Wynette)
  18. Suddenly Single
  19. It Could'Ve Been So Good
  20. Justified and Ancient X
  21. Precious Memories


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