1. The Processional Wedding March
  2. The Recessional Wedding March
  3. Wedding Song (There Is Love)
  4. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  5. Endless Love
  6. We've Only Just Begun
  7. When I Fall In Love
  8. Love Is All Around
  9. Unchained Melody
  10. You Light Up My Life
  11. I Will Always Love You
  12. Unforgettable
  13. I Can't Help Falling In Love
  14. Tonight I Celebrate My Love
  15. Everything I Do I Do It For You
  16. True Love Always
  17. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
  18. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story
  19. Greenback Dollar
  20. Crooked Little Man
  21. Walk Right In
  22. Gotta Travel On
  23. Walkin' Down The Line
  24. Michael (Row The Boat Ashore)
  25. Freight Train
  26. We're Movin' On
  27. Tom Dooley
  28. Lizzie Borden
  29. Marianne
  30. On Top Of Old Smokey
  31. The Gypsy Rover
  32. The Last Thing On My Mind
  33. Catch The Wind
  34. Roving Gambler
  35. So Long, It's Been Good To Know You
  36. Pick a Bail of Cotton
  37. Skiffle Medley: Cumberland Gap / Don't You Rock Me Daddy O' / Rock Island Line / Six-Five Special
  38. Midnight Special
  39. Botany Bay
  40. Ryebuck Shearer / Click Go the Shears
  41. Bound for South Australia
  42. We Shall Not Be Moved
  43. Go Tell It on the Mountain
  44. Spiritual Medley: The Very Last Day / Joshua Fit the Battle / There Is a Meeting / This Train (Is Bound for Glory) / Sinner Man / Open Up Them Pearly Gates
  45. This Land Is Your Land
  46. Goodnight Irene
  47. It's So Good
  48. Lovin' You
  49. Don't Change
  50. I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
  51. It's Your Life
  52. Video
  53. All I Can Do
  54. My Heart Still Beats
  55. My Mother Was Her Name
  56. Mama Sang a Song
  57. Mama Take Me Home
  58. Mother of Mine
  59. Mama Liked the Roses
  60. My Yiddish Mama
  61. My Mother's Eyes
  62. Mama
  63. Hey Mom This Is Your Song
  64. The World's Greatest Mom
  65. Roses for Mama
  66. No Charge
  67. My Mom
  68. I'm Gonna Make Mama Proud of Me
  69. Mother the Queen of My Heart
  70. Mama Tried
  71. Ultimate Material III, Part 2
  72. Ultimate Material III, Part 1
  73. Freestyle Skit
  74. Locker leicht
  75. Broccoli Wars
  76. Freestyle (skit)


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