1. Heresies and Fallacies — W.K. Wimsatt and Cleanth Brooks
  2. Origins of Modernism
  3. Kant's Critique of Judgment
  4. Paradise Regained — The Space Trilogy I
  5. Horace's Ars Poetica
  6. The Legacy of C.S. Lewis
  7. Nature and Supernature — Miracles and the Problem of Pain
  8. Mr. Wordsworth's "Preface"
  9. Varieties of Post-Modernism
  10. The Function of Criticism — Matthew Arnold and T.S. Eliot
  11. Burke on the Sublime and Beautiful
  12. Lewis the Scholar — Apologist for the Past
  13. Jacques Derrida on Deconstruction
  14. Dryden, Pope, and Decorum
  15. Longinus on the Sublime
  16. Plato — Kicking Out the Poets
  17. Suffering Unto Wisdom — Till We Have Faces and a Grief Observed
  18. Coleridge — Transcendental Philosopher
  19. Sidney's "Apology for Poetry"
  20. The Beginning and the End — The Chronicles of Narnia III
  21. Argument by Desire — Surprised by Joy and the Pilgrim's Regress
  22. Heaven and Hell — The Screwtape Letters and the Great Divorce
  23. Shelley's Defense of Poetry
  24. Wordsworth, Coleridge, and British Romanticism
  25. The Status of Poetry — I.A. Richards and John Crowe Ransom
  26. Ethics and the Tao — Mere Christianity and the Abolition of Man
  27. Aristotle's Poetics — Mimesis and Plot
  28. Archetypal Theory — Saint Paul to Northrop Frye
  29. Smuggled Theology — The Chronicles of Narnia I
  30. Aristotle's Poetics — Character and Catharsis
  31. Structuralism — Ferdinand de Saussure to Michel Foucault
  32. Journeys of Faith — The Chronicles of Narnia II
  33. Hegel and the Journey of the Idea
  34. Schiller on Aesthetics
  35. Thinking Theoretically
  36. Temptation, Struggle, and Choice — The Space Trilogy II


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