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New Dupree Blues

Geboren am 09. Juni 1915, Gestorben am 13. August 2009


How High the Moon: Hits & Rarities From the Wizard of Waukesha (Compilation)

  1. Lover
  2. Caravan (Multi-Tracked version)
  3. Hip-Billy Boogie
  4. The Swiss Woodpecker
  5. Brazil
  6. What Is This Thing Called Love ?
  7. Nola
  8. Goofus
  9. Little Rock Getaway
  10. Tennessee Waltz
  11. Mockin' Bird Hill
  12. How High the Moon
  13. I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine
  14. The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
  15. Just One More Chance
  16. Jazz Me Blues
  17. Josephine
  18. Whispering
  19. Jingle Bells
  20. Tiger Rag
  21. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
  22. The Carioca
  23. In the Good Old Summertime
  24. Smoke Rings
  25. Met Mister Callaghan
  26. Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me
  27. Lady of Spain
  1. Bye Bye Blues
  2. Deep in the Blues
  3. Mammy's Boogie
  4. My Baby's Coming Home
  5. I'm Sitting on the Top of the World
  6. Sleep (Fred Waring's Theme Song)
  7. Vaya Con Dios (von Les Paul & Mary Ford)
  8. Johnny (Is This Boy for Me)
  9. Don'cha Hear Them Bells
  10. The Kangaroo
  11. I Really Don't Want to Know
  12. I'm a Fool to Care
  13. Whither Thou Ghoest
  14. Mandolino
  15. Song in Blue
  16. Mr. Sandman
  17. That's What I Like
  18. Hummingbird
  19. Amukiriki (The Lord Willing)
  20. Magic Melody
  21. Texas Lady
  22. Moritat (Theme From Three Penny Opera)
  23. Nuevo Laredo
  24. Cinco Robles (Five Oaks)
  25. Put a Ring on My Finger
  1. Just Because
  2. Deep Elem Blues
  3. Out of Nowhere
  4. Begin the Beguine
  5. Dream Dust
  6. Dark Eyes
  7. Blue Skies
  8. Baby, What You Do for Me
  9. It's Been a Long, Long Time
  10. Rumors Are Flying
  11. What Would It Take?
  12. Steel Guitar Rag
  13. Guitar Boogie
  14. Caravan (Earlier Decca version)
  15. Subterfuge (Transcription Recording)
  16. Melodic Meal (Transcription Recording)
  17. Hand Picked (Transcription Recording)
  18. At Sundown (Transcription Recording)
  19. Coquette (Transcription Recording)
  20. I Found a New Baby (Transcription Recording)
  21. Danger, Men at Work (Transcription Recording)
  22. Short Circuit (Transcription Recording)
  23. Body and Soul (live From Jazz at the Philharmonic 1944)
  24. Rosetta (live From Jazz at the Philharmonic 1944)


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