American Degenerate (Live)

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  1. Another Dumb, Bumbling Vinny Intro
  2. Hot French People
  3. The Blackout of '03
  4. A Fun Date
  5. Penile Philosophy & Blackout Humor
  6. No Water
  7. OCD Scumbags
  8. A Tip on Flirting
  9. Bloody Lump on the Linoleum
  10. Ethinic Pride Drivel
  11. The 'N' Word
  12. Understandable Racism
  13. Relations With the Elderly
  14. Nervous Tics
  15. Legless Old Lady
  16. Gay Snipers
  17. A Shot in the Eye
  18. Mean-Spirited Christoper Reeves Jokes
  19. Boys Don't Cry
  20. Alcohol & True Confessions
  21. Gay Mommies
  22. Awful Cosmo Advice
  23. Television Comedy
  24. Reality TV
  25. Shameless Yellow Discipline Plug
  26. Donkey-Sex and German Porn
  27. You Like Sucking That?
  28. Madcap Ideas About Oral Sex
  29. Vinny's Mercifully Brief Outro
  30. A Phone Call From Mother
  31. Bombing Etiquette
  32. The Elephant on Southwest
  33. Nice Baby!
  34. No Water = Messy Bowl
  35. A Hug From Kiss
  36. Loving a Chubby Dumper
  37. Pornography
  38. Wacky Bumper Stickers
  39. Fargo & A Droopy Lip
  40. A Tender Moment With Larry Flynt
  41. Kill Yourself in Seattle
  42. Jim Norton's Motivational Tapes
  43. John Edwards and Word Abbreviations
  44. Eat My Asshole!
  45. An Important Relationship Lesson
  46. The Bridge, Lol
  47. Good Ole' Martha
  48. Aspen Sure Is Expensive
  49. Micheal Jackson Is the Artist of the Millenium
  50. Boca Raton and Shaky People
  51. A Brief Hello
  52. Fuck Florida
  53. Jim Norton Talking Doll
  54. Profiling and the Shoe Bombing Monkey
  55. Oral Treats
  56. Squemish Girls Stink
  57. Meeting Laura Bush
  58. Poker Playing Dickheads
  59. Sensitive Nipples
  60. I Wish I Were Gay
  61. One Fat Ass Fucking Lady
  62. One Scary Ass Fucking Black Guy
  63. Britney's Vagina
  64. Liz Taylor's Hairy Hat
  65. Gay Guys Rule
  66. Penguins Are Assholes
  67. I Wish I Fucked Jenna
  68. Sex & Racism
  69. A Pile of Pussy
  70. Meaty Lips
  71. Adorable Observations About the Mentally Challenged
  72. A Single, Impotent, Meaty Breasted Failure
  73. Brief Chat With a Heckler
  74. Heath Mills Is a Cunt on Wheel
  75. Cum Burns
  76. Actors and My Awful Head
  77. New Joisey
  78. Women Tell Shitty Stories
  79. Vinny's Awful Intro
  80. A Brittney Log
  81. Vinny's Awful Outro
  82. Making a Gal Laugh
  83. What Sex Is That Thing?
  84. Ron Jeremy's Giant Cock
  85. Michael J. Fox Is an Alcoholic
  86. Bonding With People Sucks
  87. Bed, Bath & Beyond
  88. Shave That Fucking Thing
  89. Birth Control and Pedophiles
  90. The Muslims Are Rioting
  91. Slapping a Gal With My Cock
  92. I'm Dominant Sexually
  93. I Was Almost a Burn Victim
  94. A Shitty Buggy Ride
  95. Shitty White People and Their Shitty Guilt
  96. No Baby for You!
  97. Clowning Around in Dealey Plaza
  98. Size Matters
  99. You Gellin'?
  100. Penile Abuse
  101. The Nipple Flicker
  102. Spankin' a Bitch Too Hard
  103. Condoms Suck
  104. Lunch With Her Ex
  105. My Titties
  106. Straightening Out a Passive Aggressive Date
  107. Checking Out Middle Eastern Guys
  108. The Lefty
  109. The World's Wettest Vagina
  110. Mandatory Aids Test
  111. Sex With the Retarded
  112. My Shitty Limp Dick
  113. Blacks on a Plane
  114. A Cute Thing to Say
  115. Michael Jackson Is the Artist of the Millenium
  116. Creeps on the Elevator
  117. Bill Cosby
  118. Shitty Opinions and Ducks
  119. Bonus
  120. Robin Williams and Joan Rivers
  121. Workplace Shootings
  122. Paula Deen and Fat Shaming
  123. Privacy
  124. Dick Pics
  125. Anthony Cumia
  126. Renting Porn from the Pharmacy
  127. Guns
  128. New Technology
  129. Goin' to the Gym and Eatin' Better
  130. Strap-Ons
  131. The Mosque At Ground Zero
  132. Penn State
  133. Ozzy Intro
  134. Fuck The Westboro Baptist Church
  135. Tiger, Mel, And Arnold
  136. I Hate Hoarders
  137. My Amazing Ex-Girlfriend
  138. Profiling Is Fantastic
  139. I'm A Throat-Clearing Idiot
  140. Kids And Animals
  141. Clean It Off, Bitch
  142. Al Sharpton Sucks
  143. Prison Follies
  144. A Rape Baby
  145. Racial Descriptions
  146. Mean-Spirited Christoper Reeve Jokes


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