Gründung im Dezember 2002


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  1. I'll Stand by You
  2. I Think We're Alone Now
  3. Mixed Up
  4. All I Need (All I Don't)
  5. Don't Want You Back Deutsche Übersetzung von Girls Aloud - Don't Want You Back
  6. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
  7. I Wanna Kiss You So (Christmas in a Nutshell)
  8. Jingle Bell Rock
  9. Not Tonight Santa
  10. White Christmas
  11. Count the Days
  12. Christmas Round at Ours
  13. Merry Xmas Everybody
  14. It's Magic
  15. Can't Speak French
  16. I'm Falling
  17. Stay Another Day
  18. I'll Stand by You (Tony Lamezma's club Romp)
  19. Medley (What Will the Neighbour's Say Medley)
  20. Grease
  21. [data track]
  22. Girls Aloud Megamix
  23. Lights, Music, Camera, Action!
  24. I Don't Really Hate You
  25. Chemistry Album Medley
  26. With Every Heartbeat
  27. Rehab (Jo Whiley Live Lounge cover)
  28. Your Show
  29. The After Show (Interview)
  30. On a Round
  31. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma's 'Love Affair')
  32. Long Hot Summer (Benitez Beats)
  33. Girl Overboard (Tangled Up Tour Live From O2)
  34. It's Your Dynamite
  35. Graffitti My Soul
  36. Apologize
  37. Some Kind of Beautiful Stranger
  38. Wake Me Up (demo)
  39. Sound of the Underground (extended version for TV Appearances)
  40. Biology (Benitez Beats)
  41. I'll Stand by You (a cappella: Cheryl, Nadine and Sarah)
  42. Sound of the Underground (without Kimberley)
  43. I'll Stand by You (unmastered)
  44. Girls on 45
  45. Love Machine (demo)
  46. Long Hot Summer (Tony Lamezma Rides Again)
  47. Hopelessly Devoted to You
  48. Celebrate
  49. Hanging on the Telephone (Studio demo)
  50. The Teeth
  51. Rehab
  52. Deadline & Diets
  53. Musical Medley
  54. I'm Every Woman
  55. You Gonna Be My Love Machine
  56. You Freak Me Out
  57. Lights, Music, Camera, Action
  58. Love Machine (Without Nadine)
  59. Hanging on the Telephone
  60. The Next Best Thing
  61. Here We Go (demo)
  62. Singapore
  63. Graffiti
  64. Forever & a Night
  65. I Predict a Riot
  66. Long Hot Summer (Tony Lamezma instrumental)
  67. Life Got Cold (Stella Browne dub)
  68. Why Do It?
  69. Sacred Trust
  70. Untouchable (Bimbo Jones dub)
  71. Sexy! No No No... (Development Track)
  72. The Loving Kind (Utah Sains dub)
  73. Girls On 45 Volume 2
  74. The Loving Kind (Wideboys dub)
  75. No Good Advice (original demo)
  76. Something Kinda Ooooh (original demo)
  77. On My Way to Satisfaction
  78. Love Machine (original demo)
  79. Girls Aloud Interview
  80. Love Is the Key (Thriller Jill mix - From the Girls Aloud Party)
  81. Girls on 45, Volume 2
  82. With Every Heartbeat (From the Jo Whiley live Lounge)
  83. Wake Me Up (Tony's Lamezmas "Love Affair")
  84. Rehab (From the Jo Whiley live Lounge)
  85. What Will the Neighbours Say (medley)
  86. Jump (Almighty dub)
  87. Album Medley
  88. Walk This Way
  89. Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me
  90. Beneath You're Beautiful
  91. I Think We're Alone Now (New mix - Promo and single)
  92. Close To Love (Tangled Up Tour Live From The O2)
  93. Biology (Chemistry Tour Live At Wembley)
  94. Deadlines & Diets (What Will The Neighbours Say? Live At The Hammersmith Apollo)
  95. Graffiti My Soul (What Will The Neighbours Say? Live At The Hammersmith Apollo)
  96. Call The Shots (Tangled Up Tour Live From The O2)
  97. Waiting (Chemistry Tour Live At Wembley)
  98. Cheryl, Kimberely, Nadine, Nicola & Sarah Discuss the Recording of Out of Control, Their Fifth (studio album)
  99. Sounds of the Underground
  100. Interview With Girls Aloud
  101. I’m Every Woman
  102. The Loving Kind (Utah Saints dub)
  103. Love Machine (Video) (Karaoke)
  104. Love Machine (Game)
  105. Kimberley
  106. Sarah
  107. Nicola
  108. Cheryl
  109. I’ll Stand by You (Tony Lamezma’s club romp)
  110. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma’s “Love Affair”)
  111. Tension (AI Cover)
  112. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma's "Love Affair")
  113. Baby When You Go
  114. Wicked Game
  115. Disco Bunny
  116. Deadlines & Diets (version 2)
  117. Love Machine (karaoke)
  118. I’ll Stand by You (a cappella: Cheryl, Nadine and Sarah)
  119. Love Machine (Jax Jones remix / Amazon Music Original)
  120. Exclusive Interview With Girls Aloud


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