Traveling Through (Compilation)

Hard, Hard Traveling Man (Compilation)

  1. A Pinch O' Powder
  2. Big Wheel Cannonball
  3. I Miss a Lot of Trains
  4. Six Days on the Road
  5. A Tombstone Every Mile
  6. Carter Boys
  7. Hard, Hard Traveling Man
  8. Long Lonesome Highway
  9. Drop Some Silver in the Jukebox
  10. Truck Stop
  11. Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
  12. Winter's Comin' on Again
  13. Golden Girl
  14. Drag 'em Off the Interstate, Sock It to 'Em, JP Blues
  15. Please Buy My Flowers
  16. Juke Box Man
  17. Leaving It All Behind
  18. Rocky Top
  19. Juke Box Man
  20. Watermelon Man
  21. The Lonesome Road
  22. Coastline Charlie
  23. Waiting for a Train
  24. Homing Pigeon
  25. Come Sundown
  26. Snap Your Fingers
  27. Swingin' Preacher
  1. Woman, Don't Try to Sing My Song
  2. I Gave Up Getting Over You Today
  3. Loser's Cocktail
  4. Old Ramblin' Alabama Me
  5. Sweeter Than the Honey
  6. Hot Springs
  7. Bully of the Town
  8. Darby's Castle
  9. I'll Be a Hero
  10. Wait a Little Longer
  11. Stonin' Around
  12. Lay Your Hands on Me (And Heal Me)
  13. January, April and Me
  14. Travelin' Light
  15. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
  16. China Nights (Shina No Yoru)
  17. The Best Is Yet to Come
  18. (Drinkin' Beer and) Singing a Country Song
  19. Chick Inspector (That's Where My Money Goes)
  20. She Called Me Baby
  21. For the Life of Me
  22. Old Bob Burton
  23. The Last Blues Song
  24. Born in Country Music
  25. Room Full of Roses
  26. Been There People
  27. Country Music Man
  28. Lazy Bones
  1. Swingin' Preacher
  2. Country Soul
  3. Get on Board My Wagon
  4. (intro)
  5. Chick Inspector (That's Where My Money Goes)
  6. (intro)
  7. Truck Stop
  8. (intro)
  9. I've Come Awful Close
  10. (intro)
  11. The Lonesome Road
  12. (intro)
  13. 15 Gears and 14 Wheels
  14. Drag 'em Off the Interstate, Sock It to 'Em, JP Blues
  15. Big Wheel Cannonball
  16. (intro)
  17. Sixty Minute Man
  18. (intro)
  19. Evil Hearted Me
  20. (I'm Gonna Move To) The Outkirts of Town
  21. Interruption
  22. (I'm Gonna Move To) The Outskirts of Town
  23. (intro)
  24. (Drinkin' Beer and) Singing a Country Song
  1. Cottage in the Pines
  2. Down by the Riverside
  3. Heart Talk
  4. My Side of the Night
  5. Then I'll Get Over You
  6. Cupid's Arrow
  7. When Dad Was Around
  8. Rocky Mountain Queen
  9. So Little and Lovely
  10. Memories, an Old Picture and a Ring
  11. His Mountain
  12. Nobody
  13. Steel Rails
  14. Steel Rails
  15. In the Middle of a Tear Drop
  16. Changin' Times
  17. Remember Me
  18. Remember Me

The Drag 'em Off the Interstate Sock It to 'em Hits Of (Compilation)

A Tombstone Every Mile


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