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Irish Favorites

The Beautiful Music Company Presents Dennis Day

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  1. Mistaken for a Bank Robber (12/03/1947)
  2. Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland
  3. Ave Maria
  4. Bill Calhoun Visits an Old Shipmate
  5. Does Mildred Have a New Boyfriend
  6. Mrs. Anderson Opens a Dress Shop
  7. Mam'selle
  8. Medly: Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Fist Noel, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  9. Protection Money
  10. WTTP Dennis Day Interview
  11. Dennis Is Uninvited
  12. Accused of Stealing Earrings
  13. The Land Grab
  14. Room for the New Boarder
  15. Donates Money for a New Gym
  16. Dennis and the Other Woman
  17. Plans to Elope
  18. Dennis Writes Radio Script
  19. Support for a New Jail
  20. Toyland
  21. The Marriage Counselor
  22. Advice Column
  23. O Little Town of Bethlehm
  24. The Burnside House
  25. Sing for the King
  26. Prevents a Boy From Running Away
  27. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral
  28. Dennis Finds the Morgan Treasure
  29. Part in a Play
  30. Mistaken for an Heir
  31. Dennis Runs for Mayor
  32. Phil, the Fluter's Ball
  33. Keeping the Radio Station on the Air
  34. How Can You Buy Killarny
  35. April Showers
  36. The Scoutmaster
  37. The Baby Picture Contest
  38. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
  39. Choose Acting Career or Girlfriend
  40. Mr. Anderson's Love Letters
  41. Selling Insurance
  42. Campaigning for Assembly
  43. Misquoted in Newspaper
  44. Deep In My Heart, Dear
  45. Stealing Football Plays
  46. Dennis Asks for a Raise
  47. The Art Contest
  48. Amnesia
  49. Neither Rain nor Snow
  50. Room Rent Due
  51. Bless This House
  52. The Railroad Property
  53. Sudden Sales Success
  54. True Life Article
  55. Mistaken for a Bank Robber (03/05/47)
  56. Drama Critic
  57. Job at the Mayor's Office
  58. The Bank Loan
  59. Correcting a Bad College Grade
  60. Yours Is My Heart Alone
  61. Bets on a Horse by Mistake
  62. The Photographer
  63. The Stolen Phoney Painting
  64. President of the Ladies' Club
  65. The Drugstore Investment
  66. Speaking at the Ladies Aide
  67. The Masquerade Ball
  68. Stable Boy at Mayfair Riding Academy
  69. Peggy O'Neil
  70. The Missing Heir
  71. Phoney Oil Deal
  72. The Contest
  73. A Falling Out
  74. Out on the Town
  75. Trinket of Shiny Gold - Dennis Day,
  76. Away in a Manger - Dennis Day,
  77. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Dennis Day,
  78. Shawl of Galway Grey - Ray Charles Singers,, Dennis Day
  79. Come to the Parlor - Dennis Day,,
  80. O Holy Night - Dennis Day,
  81. Mister and Mississippi - Dennis Day, Norman Luboff Choir
  82. Gesu Bambino - Dennis Day,
  83. Dear Hearts and Gentle People - Dennis Day, The Rhythmaires
  84. Mona Lisa - Ray Charles Singers,, Dennis Day
  85. Mother at Your Feet Is Kneeling - Dennis Day, Roger Wagner Chorale
  86. Silent Night, Holy Night - Dennis Day,
  87. Christmas in Killarney - Dennis Day,
  88. Mother Dearest, Mother Dearest - Dennis Day,
  89. Stars and Stripes Forever - Dennis Day,,
  90. We Three Kings of Orient Are - Dennis Day,
  91. The Romance of the Rose


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