Mona Lisa (Compilation)

  1. Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight
  2. Rockin' Love
  3. Mona Lisa (master)
  4. Foolish One
  5. Rockin' Love (master)
  6. Pretend
  7. I Can't Forget You (Master)
  8. Some Enchanted Evening (master)
  9. I'm Coming Home
  10. South of the Border (master)
  11. Ain't Got No Home
  12. If I Ever Needed You
  13. Island of Love
  14. Walkin' and Thinkin'
  15. Baby I Don't Care
  16. I'm Bluer Than Anyone Can Be
  17. The Wayward Wind (single version)
  18. Born to Be Bad
  19. Ain't Got No Home
  20. If I Could Change You
  21. When I Grow to Old to Dream
  22. Mountain Dew
  23. Mona Lisa (Alt)
  24. Look at That Moon
  25. Rockin' Love (Alt)
  26. Too Young
  27. Take These Chains From My Heart
  28. I Can't Forget You (undubbed)
  29. South of the Border (Alt)
  30. Kansas City
  31. Today Is Christmas
  1. The Wayward Wind (Alt)
  2. Crazy Fool
  3. Mountain Dew
  4. Blueberry Hill
  5. I'll Always Love You Darling
  6. Ain't You Got No Lovin' for Me
  7. Then I Turned and Walked Slowly Away
  8. Serenade of the Bells
  9. It Really Doesn't Matter Now
  10. Sentimental Journey
  11. Born to Be Bad (undubbed)
  12. I Love You, I Adore You
  13. Are You Teasing Me
  14. Stop the World and Let Me Off
  15. I Don't Care
  16. I'm Walking the Dog
  17. Ubangi Stomp
  18. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
  19. Long Black Veil
  20. If I Could Change You (without Chorus)
  21. Blueberry Hill
  22. Canadian Sunset
  23. Even Tho'
  24. Chinatown, My Chinatown
  25. Because of You
  26. 'til the End of Forever
  27. Mexicali Rose
  28. Hey Doll Baby
  29. Baby I Don't Care
  30. Vanished
  31. Walkin' and Thinkin'
  1. Serenade of the Bells
  2. Down to My Last Forgive You
  3. Blue River
  4. Yesterday Is Gone
  5. Burnin' Holes in the Eyes of Abraham Lincoln
  6. German Town
  7. She Was Young
  8. Paying for the Crimes
  9. Met Her in Alaska
  10. Funny Way of Gettin' Over Someone Else
  11. When the Leaves Turn Brown
  12. Everyday Grows Sweet With the Wine
  13. More to Life
  14. Going to Church With Mama
  15. It Really Matters
  16. Toast to a Fool
  17. I'm Married Friend
  18. My Favorite Bunch of Roses
  19. Burnin' Holes in the Eyes of Abraham Lincoln
  20. The Ballad of Johnnie Clyde
  21. Cheatin' Time
  22. Keep Feeding Her the Wine
  23. Let's Turn Back the Pages
  24. If I Ever Love Again
  25. Make a Man Want To
  26. Neon Lights
  1. I'm Just About Out of My Mind
  2. Neon Lights
  3. It's Not the Coffee That's Keeping Me Awake
  4. No Easy Way to Say Goodbye
  5. Back Lovin'
  6. Annie Over Time
  7. Somebody Has to Booze
  8. Is There No End to Lovin' You
  9. Back Lovin
  10. Annie Over Time
  11. I've Got Feelings Too
  12. Twilight Time
  13. Eighteen Yellow Roses
  14. Belly Rubbin' Country Soul
  15. Tennemonk, Georgia
  16. She Loves to Love for the Feeling
  17. Love Died a Long Time Ago
  18. Darling of Atlanta
  19. Country Was the Song
  20. Mona Lisa
  21. Second Guessing
  22. One Last Goodbye
  23. On the Back Streets of Dallas
  24. Tripping on Teardrops
  25. I Love You Too Much

Strait And Narrow Road

Rockin' Mann (Compilation)

Gonna Rock 'n' Roll Tonight


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