Rebel (Compilation)

Rocksteady & R&B

  1. Hypocrites (alternate)
  2. Freedom Time
  3. Fire Fire (feat. Peter Tosh)
  4. I'm Hurting Inside (original)
  5. Pound Get a Blow (feat. Peter Tosh)
  6. Don't Rock My Boat (original)
  7. Rock to the Rock (original Jamaican Soul mix)
  8. Nice Time (alternate Jamaican Soul mix)
  9. Rocking Steady (original Jamaican Soul mix)
  10. Chances Are (alternate Jamaican Soul mix)
  11. Mellow Meed (Jamaican Soul mix)
  12. Bend Down Low (alternate Jamaican Soul mix)
  13. How Many Times (alternate)
  14. There She Goes (alternate)
  15. Put It On (alternate)
  16. Touch Me
  17. Adam and Eve
  18. This Train
  19. Selassie Is the Chapel
  20. A Little Prayer (feat. Mortimer Planno)
  21. Chances Are (a cappella mix)

Early Reggae

  1. Soul Rebel (original)
  2. What Goes Around Comes Around
  3. Sugar Sugar
  4. Black Progress (medley)
  5. Hold on to This Feeling (feat. Rita Marley)
  6. Wisdom
  7. Thank You Lord
  8. Cheer Up
  9. Soul Captives
  10. Pour Down the Sunshine
  11. Comma Comma
  12. Send Me That Love
  13. Mr. Chatterbox
  14. My Cup
  15. Try Me (von The Wailers)
  16. It's Alright (full length)
  17. Rebel's Hop
  18. Corner Stone
  19. No Water
  20. Reaction (full length)
  21. Fussing and Fighting
  22. African Herbsman
  23. Stand Alone
  24. Soul Rebel (alternate 2)
  25. Run for Cover (Soul Rebel alternate)


  1. Kingston 12 Shuffle (DJ version) (feat. Eu Roy)
  2. Lively Up Yourself
  3. Concrete Jungle (original) Deutsche Übersetzung von Bob Marley & The Wailers - Concrete Jungle (original)
  4. Screwface (alternate)
  5. Love Light (original)
  6. Guava Jelly (alternate)
  7. Redder Than Red
  8. Satisfy My Soul Babe (alternate)
  9. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah
  10. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (dub)
  11. Dub Feeling (alternate mix)
  12. Trouble Dub (alternate mix)
  13. Put It On (Full Length)
  14. Long Long Winter
  15. Head Corner Stone (alternate mix)
  16. More Axe (alternate mix, full length)
  17. Duppy Conqueror (version 4)
  18. Keep on Skanking
  19. Man to Man (alternate mix)
  20. Shocks of Mighty (feat. Lee Perry)

Version and Outernational Style

  1. All in One (medley) (feat. Lee Perry)
  2. All in One, Part II (medley) (feat. Lee Perry)
  3. Sun Is Shining (DJ version) (feat. Johnny Lover)
  4. Don't Rock My Boat (alternate 2)
  5. I Like It Like This (DJ version) (feat. Johnny Lover)
  6. Kaya (alternate)
  7. Kaya (version 2)
  8. Turn Me Loose
  9. Keep on Moving (extended version, Part 1) (feat. Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer)
  10. Keep on Moving (extended version, Part 2) (DJ version) (feat. Wung Chu)
  11. Keep on Moving (extended version, Part 3) (feat. Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer)
  12. More Axe (alternate)
  13. Natural Mystic (original)
  14. Rainbow Country
  15. Cry to Me (acoustic version)
  16. Lonesome Feeling (alternate)
  17. Gonna Get You
  18. Oh Lord I've Got to Get There (Jamaican mix)
  19. Reggae on Broadway (Jamaican mix)
  20. Lonely Girl (feat. Rita Marley)
  21. Milk Shake and Potato Chips
  22. It Hurts to Be Alone (alternate)


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