Just Visiting Songtext
von WookieFoot

Just Visiting Songtext

Well you may see a man close up his open hand
And see how greed might motivate a reckless fist
And you will witness pain of people's petty pursuits for gain
But you will never a hearse with a trailer hitch
No you will never see a hearse with a trailer hitch

Oh hungry ghosts in the land of milk and honey
They are people so damn poor all they have is their money

Truth be told, the truth will be told
Only hear it when we're listening
Will unfold for young and old
Cause in the end we're all just visiting
In the end we're only visiting

On this hedonic treadmill building appetite
With collections of those little things that shine
Oh camels will not fit through needle's eye
Your camels will not fit through the needle's eye

On the day they lay your body down to bury
There will be no pockets on the pants you're wearing
And on that day you will see what all it is worth
So earthlings don't keep your treasures here on earth

Because in the end we're only visiting

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