Temple of Elemental Evil Songtext
von Wizzard

Temple of Elemental Evil Songtext

Your sombre eyes they pierce my soul
Your flamboyant lips for a prey they prowl

The night we met in that low-lit room
Fullmoon, wolfbane bloomed
You prepared me to break the chains of time
... to break the chains of life

I can't but adore you
My mistress conceived of demons
Your body is my temple of elemental evil

Your mind a labyrinth where I forever wander
Your beauty eternal tears me asunder

Cataclysmal was our flame of love
When we walked the ruins of Byzantium
For you I balanced on the edge of thorns
... until the end of the world

Just before the dawn of day
One can see two souls on their way
Across the borders of time they fly
Beyond mortality, away from the light

Together we fill our souls with silent melancholy
Our earthly lives washed away by the evening tide
As shadows we are free to ride clouds in astral skies
No death can break a love with a bond of blood
A love that can never die...

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