Intro (Marvin Dixon) Songtext
von Trick Daddy

Intro (Marvin Dixon) Songtext

Trick Daddy, hey git, come here, man
Run ya lil' bad ass here, git
You need to be up in somebody muthafuckin' school
Somewhere nigga, what the fuck you doin' out here?

Git-nigga, I'm 'bout my money, stackin' cheese tryin' to sit on D's
Trick Daddy, look at ya muthafuckin' eyes, you look like you high, nigga
Git-fool you know, I ain't tryin' to start smokin'
Trick Daddy, you prolly on dirt, look at ya, lil' young git ass nigga

Git, I'm tryin' to be like you my nigga, thug for life
Trick Daddy, nah don't be like me nigga, be like yourself, dawg
Be like Mike, don't be like me, I'ma thug
It's dangerous 'round here

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