Chrome Songtext
von Trace Adkins

Chrome Songtext

she can see herself
in the shiny grill
and the wire wheels
of a red Chevelle
with four-on-the-floor
and the top down

zippin' by
on an ElectraGlide
with dual tailpipes
doin' 105 in the broad daylight
on a two lane road
headin outta town

For-get pink and pur-ple paislies
Little mel-low yel-low daisies
ain't no pot of gold in her rainbow
Her favorite color is chrome

yeah, chrome baby (said only once after first chorus)

got her leg up high
on the bumper
of my big black Mack truck
with a smoke stack
pointed towards the sky
and mud flaps, you know the kind

I said hey little girl,
you sure look nice
Do you wanna ride
I won't bite,
she climbs inside and says
Hell nah, I wanna drive


It's chrome alright
shiny, nice, polished


that girl is all about chrome,
she sure loves chrome...
...aww, chrome

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