Rescue Plane Songtext
von Time For T

Rescue Plane Songtext

Well He's got the Morning Glory
But She's one thousand two hundred and one - miles away
And by the time she gets here
It's gonna be another sad story

He misses the smell of his clothes
When they were washed by her
And she misses the smell of his clothes
when they weren't washed at all

Now they're at war with their distance
Right, back, left and forward they don't know
But one must step back into reality
One's gotta go

Rescue planes crash too
Then you need a rescue plane for the rescue plane rescue
That was the problem with those two
They would always break before the breakthrough

All these things you never really wanted
Always seem to come to be
Are now all that you see

And all these things you never really wanted
Always seem to come to be
Now they're all that you see

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