Bugs Life Songtext
von Tierra Whack

Bugs Life Songtext

Probably would of blew overnight if I was white
Rap with a mike and wore really baggy tights
It's aight
Yeah, queen, yeah

Takin' bubble baths
Love to see my mother laugh
Can't wait 'til Soup home so I can hug his ass
Niggas comin' up short, where's the other half?
Even if my eyes closed, still won't fuckin' crash
I'm in my fuckin' bag
Wipe where you ashy, yeah
Life is easy, I'm somebody hard to come across
Check the pH level and then I'm done with Voss
Sippin' stocky writing, still never become a boss
Send my cousin to the store to buy some fucking Off

Bug it, like mosquitoes
Bug it, I don't need those
Loving all my peoples
Dollar signs, yeah, I need those
Bug it
Fuck it
Love it
Dollar signs, yea, I need those
Bug it, like mosquitoes

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