Pass That Junt Songtext
von Three 6 Mafia

Pass That Junt Songtext

6x: pass that junt, pass that junt nigga!
(we smokin da chicken we chokin da chicken straight gone on da chicken takin dem hard pulls)

yea, marajuina got me floatin in and out of da clouds and got me sittin on a rainbow,
stoned, got some purple haze in a junt on da low-low,
no motha fuckas no me yet,
north til i die, GD is my fucken set,
14 years old smokin da finest green,
wanna run up on me? you can find me in memphis tennesee,

ha ha! will be phamous fuck ass bitches... Killa B a.k.a. 'the prince of ma fucken Memphis'
lil sample of how i break em off... i wanna give a shout out to frayser boy, whole three six, lil wyte, hypnotize to da ma fucken minds! stay true to da black and blue... catch me frayser blvd... puffin on green, im 14, constantly holla

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