100 Proof (interlude) Songtext
von Statik Selektah feat. J.F.K.

100 Proof (interlude) Songtext

"We need to avoid people who are toxic*
Meaning that in every relationship between
Two people, people can either be toxic
Or nourishing to one another. That's not to
say the same person will always be toxic or
Nourishing in every relationship but the
Combination in two people in a relationship
Will always have toxic or nourishing qualities.
And the important part is a test, chill with
Somebody, chop it up, smoke, drink whatever
Your demon is into. Don't matter what the FUCK it
Is; but at the end of that time you gotta ask
Yourself a very important question: Do you feel
Tired or do you feel energized? Cause if you're
Tired then you've been poisoned. If you got
Energy then you've been nourished. You are the
Company that you keep MAN. You know what FUCK
your fake ass lifestyle.

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