Between Hello and Goodbye Songtext
von Static Radio NJ

Between Hello and Goodbye Songtext

They probably never taught me all the things they could, but it's all good now.
With fighting alcoholics, life's a bummer, life's a drag if you're free from sin.
If we just stand close, if we just move slow, if we just laugh it all away.
What good is in the right man if he ain't done much of living in the moment?
I'd rather read the bad man's book, I'd rather know the hard is what makes it good.
If we both stand close, if we both lose control of our lives at any time
and we're not afraid to die, then there's a chance.
So how do we both save ourselves? It's not enough.
If there's one feeling that I get,
I get a feeling of knowing that there was a home

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