Romance Songtext
von Spendtime Palace

Romance Songtext

She lays her head upon my knees now
She left her heart somewhere on Stumptown bridge
While she lays her two brown eyes upon my lonely smile
Her lost heart finds its home on Stumptown bridge
Now take a stake
Don't make mistakes (No)
Don't pack those bags without packing our fate
And I dislike to disregard truth
That dark cold place stole my baby away (babe away)
And by the time that clock rolls half past nine
I'm wakin' up, she's rollin' down the 405
By the time I brush my hair and get my mind in line
She's so far up that she ain't lookin' far behind
Now I've been trained to make mistakes (oh)
Mistakes I've made don't make this the pain okay
And she dislikes to say goodbye too
But still walks away into that dark
cold Stumptown rain (Stumptown rain)
She's packin' up, she's packin' up
To head on down the road to Stumptown
Her head in the clouds
And her heart so reckless
She just had to test it on romance
She came around like a hound in a hurricane

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