Cosmic Race [In Concert '78] Songtext
von Rockets

Cosmic Race [In Concert '78] Songtext

Carried By Cosmic Winds
I'm carried by cosmic winds
like a grain of sand
it seems as though some higher force did me from the first
But finally I feel like a part of some larger plan
I'm a piece of this puzzle that's called the universe

I still sense in urgency
to journey further on
I have the notion that I've found
a start and not an end
things I'll see and can't explain will prove right or wrong
and things I can't articulate
may well turn up again

cosmic winds act as wings
carry high - eternal rise

cosmic winds act as wings
carry high - eternal rise

cosmic winds

he who contains the light will see
he who resists the queen will breathe
he who asks will finally be answered
he who rests will be deceived

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