Get a Life Songtext
von Rae & Christian

Get a Life Songtext

Sometimes I get a phone ring late at night
and I wonder to myself now, who could that be
(three o'clock in the morning)
I say I'm just gonna let it ring
and not let it bother me
I'm much too tired, gotto get some sleep
(... that crazy girl), on emergency
I dont know and I dont really care
(oh boy)I said pick up, pick up, pick up, pickup, pick it up
why dont you pickup pickup pickup pickup pick it up
and when I do I hear somebody breathing
oh no click, you know I scream
oooooooohhhhh get a life
you ought to get a life
just aint right
you ought to have a life
so i decided to change my number as soon as I can
and when I do I'm gonna get myself some sleep again
then I felt soo good
for a couple a night's
then it happened again
oh shhh. to be my worst nightmare
(... that gave me this crazy girl)
breathing in my ear
I wish it only dissapeared
get a life
you know it just aint right
you ought to get a life
you oughta you oughta
Get a life
it just aint right
OOhh started even on star 69
and I woke her up
ooh what about this time
get a life
thats what you oughta do
you oughta get a life
you know, you know
it just aint right
you oughta get a life
oohh get a life

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