Rush's Interlude Songtext
von NoMBe

Rush's Interlude Songtext

Dude, the hardest part is like, yo, like
Right now in my life this is what I need
And this is what will make me happy, right?
And I understand that you have your needs
And you have things that are gonna make you happy, right?
So if we can come together and we can talk about what we need
As individual human beings and then come together and be
Supportive of each others growth,
Be that home for each other
Like that's... that's great
You know
But the hard part is that transitional period
betweenTrying to live up to the expectations
Of who a person wants you to be, or who...
Who you want yourself to be to that person, you know?
It's like, okay, that's a lot of weight to carry, you know?
You have to, at some point, have these really brutally honest conversations that, you know...
Either free you both and allow you to grow the way you need to grow
Or deepens the connection between the both of you

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