Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Songtext
von Neil Sedaka

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Songtext

In the bible one thousand years BC
There's a story of ancient history
Bout a fella who was strong as he could be
Till he met a cheating gal who brought him tradgedy

So run Samson run, Delilah's on her way
Run Samson run, you ain't got time to stay
Run Samson run, on your mark you'd better start
I'd sooner trust a hungry lion than a gal with a cheatin' heart

She was a demon, a devil in disguise
He was taken, by the angel in her eyes
That lady barber, was very well equipped
You can bet your bottom dollar he was gonna get clipped

Oh Delilah made Sammie's life a sin
And he perished, when the roof fell in
There's a moral, so listen to me pal
There's a little of Delilah in each and every gal

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