Bad and Beautiful Songtext
von Neil Sedaka

Bad and Beautiful Songtext


Hooray for Mr. Wonderful,
he's feeling bad and beautiful,
I've seen him hanging out in the strangest places,
jiving in the dives where well fed faces go,
he looks so good yeah, he talks so fine,
feeling bad and beautiful,
he's grown to be a legend in his own time.
You can find him most of the time,
want only carousing after hours,
swimming in his winning and his gin,
don't you wish that you could be like him,
oh bless him in his arrogance,
doesn't ever miss a chance,
to vow you with his line of invitations,
never giving into limitations, no,
he talks so good yeah, he looks so fine,
feeling bad and beautiful,
he's grown to be a legend in his own time, oh oh.

Hey, have you seen People Magazine,
he's smiling on the cover bright as day,
well no telling where he goes from here,
maybe he'll just up and fly away.

Hooray for Mr. Wonderful.

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