Boo Songtext
von Moloko

Boo Songtext

Do not fear me
I bring no harm

No one knows where I came from
I walk on water all day long
No one knows how far I came
No one even knows my name

I sometimes sing as I float
No one ever hears a note
I sometimes move from place to place
No one ever sees my face
I can't touch, I can't weep, I can't taste, I can't sleep
I appear, I disappear, I reappear, I'm getting near

I'm tired of living in my brain
I feel no joy, I feel no pain
I don't live, I just exist
I need to know the life I missed
I'm the only one host I'm this town
I'm the only ghost in the lost and found
I'm the only one if you look around
Reappear I'm getting near

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