Sweet Affair Songtext
von Mick Taylor

Sweet Affair Songtext

Well I'm walkin through the city
Spring is in the air
I don't have no troubles
Cherry blossoms everywhere
Every time the phone rings, I think
it might be you
I tried to spend some time away
But it all fades into blues...
It's a secret affair.]
Well I'm gazing out the window
Of a 10th Storey view
You're away in the country
Only glory and you
Went to see a healer
About what I should do
She said listen to your heart
It's fantastic but it's true
It's a secret affair
Well I'm lookin for some direction
Got no shelter and no home
the stars in the sky
Keep guiding me to your home
I tried to be cautious
But maybe that's not my fate
Everytime I think of you
My body and soul aches...
Seasons they all change
Truth is sometimes strange
Somethin's in the air...
It's a secret affair.
It's a secret affair.
Truth is sometimes strange
Truth--Fiction--Fantasy---all strange
It's a secret affair.
It's a secret affair.
It's a secret, secret affair.
It's a secret, secret affair.

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