S.D.I. (Rhythm Rec.) Songtext
von Loudness

S.D.I. (Rhythm Rec.) Songtext

Ah, hear the thunder crashing through the night
Storm clouds brewing in the East
Out in the East, see the fire blazing out of sight
Tempest raging from the Beast

Where can we go?
In the spirit of survival
Undercover in the danger zone
All the nations will be glowing
On their way to Hell

Death and danger on the horizon
Terror all across the land
Feel the power, weapons of destruction
Soldiers take the final stand

Who's in command
Can you feel the wind is blowing
Falling angels on the high frontier
Reaching out in desperation

On their way to push the button down

They're going all the way
Such a foolish game
There's no one left to blame

Angels of death are marching closer
The last supper's held
Here in the land you'll see no more
I'll see you in hell

They call it War
They call it War
S.D.I., S.D.I., S.D.I.

Hear the thunder crashing through the night
See the fire blazing out of sight
S.D.I., S.D.I., S.D.I.

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