No Hollywood Movie Songtext
von Lesley Hamilton

No Hollywood Movie Songtext

See you... tonight
Need you... allright
And again... there we go
To the drive-in movie show Baby no... not there
Take somewhere
Somewhere else... where we'll be
All alone, just you and me So you can see... No hollywood movie(Old or new)Can make me feel groovy(Like you do)The way you love turns me on so heavenly
So heavenly(So heavenly)No hollywood movie(Movie star)Can do the things to me(When they are)...
The things you do, my love Brando... won't do
Newman... mind yo! And James Dean... afraid he's gone; Even Redford makes me yawn "Rocky"? Again?"Star Wars"? And then? Or "High Noon"? I wish you knew
Something else I'd rather do So you can see... No hollywood movie(Old or new)... I wonder why your sweet love
Is so haunting, oh so good; Must be things they don't know
Don't know in Hollywood
And that's why...
No hollywood movie(Old or new)...

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