Stand, Be Tall Songtext
von Kraze

Stand, Be Tall Songtext

There you stood a look of fear
You got confused with what you near
They lied to you and steered you wrong
You held your own and you got strong
Run and hide, run and hide
Stop to think control your pride
Take your time, take your time
To face the world and use your mind
Take it for what you are
Don't let your dreams get torn apart

Stand, be tall
Don't loose your faith or you might fall
Stand, be tall
Tomorrow's here and you might fall again

Don't turn your back, they'll cause you grief
It's not their world, it's your beliefs
You came this far so hang there tough
So don't be fooled just watch your bluff

Shoot 'em down
Shoot 'em down
You're the one whose victory bound
Stay on top
Stay on top
You made it now, so just don't stop

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