Rosie Songtext
von Kelly Jones

Rosie Songtext

Only the names have been changed


Rosie helped the kids stay alive
She gave them the drugs
So they didin't die
She cleaned up their mess
As they wept and they moaned
She got paid so little
She rented her home

An angel face, with the strength of a tower
Worked every day, every minute every hour
When she wasn't on the ward
She was travelling on the train
Through the wind and the sun
And the snow and the rain

Oh rosie - we thank you again
Oh rosie - we thank you again

Works all day, no time to eat
Running back'n for to help children see
We piss up a wall all the poison we take
She barely gets out, not to dine or to drink

I tip my hat to the angels on the ward
You're in my heart with love forever more
I thank you now for saving my girl
And bringing her back to her own little world

Oh rosie I thank you again
Oh rosie I thank you again

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