Poomplex Songtext
von Jme

Poomplex Songtext

New Poooomplex

I'm clocking them fake rappers
Eating oxygen cakes
Go home, listen to Boy Better Know
I sold more than the box ever made
But if you're on my side
Chill, relax, and enjoy the ride
I'm not a one hit wonder boy
Trust me, I make music all the time
Someone's [? ] shotting today
Everybody's got something to say
If I quick this music to my road
Half of you guys will have nothing to play
See I hear this stuff all the time
You think you can write bars like mine
Look on your lyric books and you'll find
3, 14159

I only make badboy tunes
So when there's all five man in the room
All communication stops
'Cause if you don't hear me, then you're doomed
You can't test me, you might be yeh pro
I don't care, I'm mighty and so
When you see my mix album on the shelves, cop that
It's a deal like Ikea
On the Boy Better Know CD you'll get
Bare tunes from JME, you best
Play my tunes at full volumes and shout
Shh hut yuh muh, rudeboy, poomplex, diickhead
You know I'm the best
Your favourite MC, there's no contest
Lyrically I'm ahead of the rest

I wear my own dance
Man see me roll on own arms
Turn them, shh hut yuh muh, there's no [? ]
Rudeboy, wipe your lips, why just [? ]
I've got my own T's
Man see me and think I got p's
Turn them, eyo fam, you know me
Still hustlin for my food to eat
I only go pops, the? is a must
Plus if I can't get into the pool club
If not then I'll go make a dub
I don't do collabs
Hold me down like I've got?
But I'm slipping, washboard abs
[? ], are you mmmmaad?

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