Fountain of Youth Songtext
von J.K. the Reaper

Fountain of Youth Songtext

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Turn me up a little bit
Alright I can hear me
Wait, wait, wait
I wanna make sure they can hear me
Turn me up little bit more
That's perfect, perfect, perfect

I be the coldest out here dropping heat all fucking summer
Fuck it, you gon' need a telescope to see what I'm becoming
I've been in a mental dungeon wondering when the world gon' change
When that bitch gonna know my name before I even say it, wait
People out here living life, I feel like I'll never die
Bitch, I should be crucified on a cloud, in the skies
Ask if I believe in god, as long as he believe in me
But that's just hard to do when my soul is fueled off pussy and weed
Fuck it i quit smoking
I tried to stop fucking
Cause these women so redundant
I'm just tryna change the subject
I'm just tryna find a substance
While she tryna find a turn up
Girl, you need to find a future
But right now its kama sutra
Why do I feel so different when I'm just like you, bruh?
Black, stupid and angry as my life is getting painted
I'm just tryna learn enough so I can change it, replace it
With a image of everything I feel is flawless
But you can't fucking see it, you too glued to your iphone
I'll rob you for your iphone and make that shit a me phone
Fuck all of these bitches that just wanna dick the lean on
It's 2014 and this is generation fuck it
This shit make me so sick
I'm bout to vomit inside of a versace bucket
Chief Keef got hot and now everybody three hunnid
Now everybody strapped
And everybody drive foreigns
Man, I've been broke so long, I'm just tryna live normal but

We ain't normal nigga
I swear to god I ain't like you niggas
Man, we ain't cool nigga
And nah you ain't bad bitch
There's a million like you, you ain't special
I'm just out here
Sipping out of the fountain of youth hoping I'll never age
Up all night working on better days
And I'll pray to god that I don't die here
Man this city a fucking trap, bruh
They worship bitches cause they ass fat
And baby I just wanna swim in it
She act like I wanna live in it
God give anything but a jail sentence
Man that conversation will never end
Feel like this bottle will never end
And I don't believe in friends
Every person has a orbit, you're either out or in

And my orbit is this pen, stars and line on every track
Giving you my all hoping that i get it back
Spit fire on these songs and i don't even like the rap
God bless America but I'm burning the flag
Fuck all y'all, except us
Fuck all y'all, fuck them
Fuck all y'all, except us
Fuck all y'all, nigga fuck them

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