Drag Me Down Songtext
von Jennifer Nettles

Drag Me Down Songtext

Watch them slink, slide low
Wicked come and Wicked go
Wicked reap what Wicked sew and I don't mean maybe

So watch yourself white boy
Cause there are those that I employ
And they will roll right through your veins and it'll drive you crazy

No you don't have to drag me down
I am drawn to the bottom end
No you don't have to drag me down
After all I descend

Maybe I'll bewitch, befriend, beguile
Be the big breath, last step, marathon mile
Or be strung out, wrung out, hung out to dry

Maybe I won't see my name in lights
Ask the corporate music factory why
The next whiplash pan flash, big bosomed wonder
I'll tell'em all to "Fuck off" as I go under.


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